Exchange Rate Mechanism

   Introduced as part of the European Monetary System in 1979, the ERM was the first stage of a plan for closer financial integration within the European Union. It was designed to minimise currency- exchange fluctuation among the countries which belonged to the system. Each participating country had an exchange rate against the European Currency Unit (the ECU), which was a basket of national currencies. Each currency was supposed to fluctuate within an agreed margin on either side of the central exchange rate. For several years, membership of theERMwas seen as a means of creating monetary stability among member states. Britain joined in October 1990, the pound being allowed to operate within a broad margin of 6 per cent. But after a period of unprecedented international currency speculation culminating in the events of Black Wednesday, it left on the 16 September 1992.

Glossary of UK Government and Politics . 2013.

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